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There we were, sitting in Hove, lovers of music but too lazy to go out. So we thought 'why not use our newly-knocked-through front room to create an intimate space for musicians to perform?'. They can play their songs, sell their CDs and make a few quid - while we can bask in their reflected glory like the fame-whores we are. Mmmm...

So, we promise you:

  • an up-close-and-personal experience (it's big enough, but not that big)
  • some great singer-songwriter-instrumentalists
  • you'll get to see every slide and every hammer-on
  • and every penny of your donation will go to the performer

Coming Soon...

We're taking an early spring break but will be back with acts for May, September and December. Details coming soon.

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Madison Violet

July 8th 2018

Singer-songwriter, harmonica player supreme, favourite collaborator of Richard Thompson, Gene Parsons, Nicky Hopkins, Dann Penn and the Eagles' Steuart Smith - as well as many more - Julian joins us in December, like a wonderful early Christmas present.

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Saturday, May 18th 2019 - Madison Violet

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About Madison Violet

Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac are two multi-instrumentalists who have been seamlessly crossing genres with their flawless harmonies and heart wrenching songwriting for nearly 2 decades.

The duo met in Toronto in 1999, only to find out that their fathers sat next to each other in high school, nearly 2000 kms away. That longstanding history has been what ties the duo's harmonies as tight as only family can sing

With the storytelling of folk, the rhythms of Americana and the clever hooks of pop, Madison Violet is sure to win over any audience with their unbridled musical connection and their exciting live show.

Madison Violet have released 8 albums, including one live recording. They have toured extensively across Canada, the UK Europe, Australia and the United States..
“Madison Violet really are a joy to experience. . . there are few other acts that can provide such a strong statement of quality musicianship coupled with songs of the highest caliber.”
- Lonesome Highway

"Two dazzling women singing songs that are pure ear candy, blending perfect harmony with melodies and life-forged lyrics that insinuate their way into your psyche.
- AcousticLive

“Utterly enchanting from beginning to end; Madison Violet provided an evening of unmissable entertainment, filled with warming anecdotes and beautifully told stories that was worth every minute.”

Madison Violet Videos

Tickets: £15.00

“Heartaching harmonies and tunes make Madison Violet a must-see act.”
The Independent