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There we were, sitting in Hove, lovers of music but too lazy to go out. So we thought 'why not use our newly-knocked-through front room to create an intimate space for musicians to perform?'. They can play their songs, sell their CDs and make a few quid - while we can bask in their reflected glory like the fame-whores we are. Mmmm...

So, we promise you:

  • an up-close-and-personal experience (it's big enough, but not that big)
  • some great singer-songwriter-instrumentalists
  • you'll get to see every slide and every hammer-on
  • and every penny of your donation will go to the performer

Coming Soon...

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Vikki Clayton

September 1st 2018

Superb English singer/songwriter, widely regarded as one of the finest interpreters of the late Sandy Denny's music.

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Julian Dawson

December 8th 2018

Singer-songwriter, harmonica player supreme, favourite collaborator of Richard Thompson, Gene Parsons, Nicky Hopkins, Dann Penn and the Eagles' Steuart Smith - as well as many more - Julian joins us in December, like a wonderful early Christmas present.

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Sunday, June 3rd 2018 - Stray Local

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About Stray Local

Hannah Lomas- keyboard, mandolin, vocal
Jamie Rowen- guitar, harmonica, vocal

"Hannah Lomas and Jamie Rowen of Stray Local have firmly established themselves as Americana troubadours whose performances command attention from the ears and dancing feet of audiences. Their home venue is an old house where locals wander in to buy single bottles of cold beer, toe tap to banjos, or sit in rocking chairs in the sweltering humidity that settles over the Cape Fear River in their hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Stray Local' newest projects explore a robust new sound that showcases their folk prowess and Lomas’s powerful vocals in service of a newfound indie pop sensibility. Be prepared to groove. Melodic riffs burst into these soulful, atmospheric songs, while galloping banjo underpinnings hint at the group’s deep southern roots.

Lomas and Rowen both hold degrees in music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where they met as students and formed a casual songwriting relationship that grew into Stray Local.
“Quietly, unforcefully and undeniably stunning."

"One of the finest singing voices in Scotland in any style."
- Rock and Reel Magazine

"Many harmonica players have made a full career out of less talent."
- The Herald

"Jim Malcolm will just melt you in your seat."
- The Scotsman