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There we were, sitting in Hove, lovers of music but too lazy to go out. So we thought 'why not use our newly-knocked-through front room to create an intimate space for musicians to perform?'. They can play their songs, sell their CDs and make a few quid - while we can bask in their reflected glory like the fame-whores we are. Mmmm...

So, we promise you:

  • an up-close-and-personal experience (it's big enough, but not that big)
  • some great singer-songwriter-instrumentalists
  • you'll get to see every slide and every hammer-on
  • and every penny of your donation will go to the performer
Logo by Logologo. Now there's a mouthful.

Coming soon...

On Friday, December 2nd, we'll be joined by the wonderful Edwina Hayes. According to Nanci Griffith Edwina has "the sweetest voice in England" and she's opened for both Jools Holland and Van Morrison, so should feel right at home in our front room. More info shortly...
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Friday, September 16th 2016 - Madison Violet

This show is now SOLD OUT

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Madison Violet are an award winning, multi-instrumentalist duo from Toronto, Canada. Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac have recently released their newest album ‘Year Of The Horse’, which is a slight departure from their rootsy, Americana sound. Influenced by pop, dance and folk, the duo have managed to blur the lines of musical genres seamlessly with their new batch of infectious songs and win over crowds from North America to Australia with their song-writing prowess and stunning harmonies.

With five albums under their belt, numerous awards including Vocal Group of the Year at the CFMAs and the International John Lennon Songwriting Award, Brenley and Lisa have proven once again, that they’re among Canada’s brightest songwriters.

Tickets: £15.00